We don’t want to lose these events

I FEEL the view expressed by Mr Roscoe (Letters, May 10) needs to be challenged, despite his aversion to ‘ping pong’.

He appears to be suggesting that all free events should be funded out of the charity collection monies raised at the events.

On that basis the following events, to mention but a few, will need to disappear from the Hastings calendar. Hastings Free Beach Concert (obviously), Hastings Bonfire, Jack-in-the-Green, Hastings Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Stade Saturdays, and Pirate Day.

These are just some of the free events that make Hastings special and the town would be all the poorer if the organisers followed Mr Roscoe’s principle.

They all cost more to stage than they ever raise for charity. All are ‘free’ to the public and some do not even collect for charity – but they all cost money to put on.

It should be remembered that all of these events primarily exist for the benefit of the participants and the general public who watch them. As a secondary benefit, they also provide a vehicle for charity collections. Without the vehicle those collections would not happen. Let’s leave it at that.