We don’t want parents to feel this way

At Contact a Family – the national charity that supports families with disabled children regardless of their condition or disability – we’ve seen a four-fold increase in the number of calls to our free special educational needs (SEN) helpline since last September when the government introduced radical changes to the way children and young people in England with SEN are supported in school and college.

A year on since these changes the education experts on our free helpline – 0808 808 3555 – regularly speak to parents who need support to navigate the new SEN system, want to know how to get their concerns listened to or need help dealing with complicated paperwork.

One important aim of the SEN reforms was to put children or young people and their families at the centre of any discussion about the support they are offered and to help children with SEN achieve the best possible outcomes.

We’re worried that the dramatic increase in calls to our helpline about the SEN changes means that there is still a lot of confusion out there.

We don’t want any parent who cares for a child with special educational needs to feel this way and want to help as many as possible get the most out of the new system.

If you care for a child with special educational needs or a disability and you are worried or confused about changes to the way your child is supported at school can call our free helpline – 0808 808 3555 – for expert advice, information and support.