We don’t want even more traffic

I HAVE just read in the paper about the proposal for another 55 homes along The Ridge, this time at Elphinstone Road/The Ridge.

There has been so much building along The Ridge recently, a block of flats at the top of Pine Avenue/The Ridge, (only one sold) two new estates next to the cemetery, a block of flats nearing completion next to Helenswood School, block of flats half built top of Chowns Hill/The Ridge, and a possible block of flats at Hurst Court site, Stonestile Lane/Chowns Hill/The Ridge.

How much more traffic are we expected to put up with along The Ridge, what with the extra traffic expected from the new link road?

Not so long ago permission was refused by the council for the old Perkins Plant Hire Yard to be used as a recycling centre, one of the reasons given was that there would be to much traffic going onto The Ridge.

So why is the council allowing so much building? It takes me several minutes to get out of the lane onto The Ridge now so goodness knows what it will be like soon.


Woodlands Farm

Beaneys Lane