We are users of the track, not managers of it

THE recent success of the London Olympic Games and Paralympics has certainly energised local people of all ages to come down to the athletics track and to get involved.

This increase in numbers is most welcome, and we at Hastings AC will do our very best to meet this new demand on the coaching services of the club.

It brings with it a downside unfortunately, and this is where I get lots of complaints. Those new to the track do not understand that we as a club are users of the facility, not the managers of it.

The shortcomings they identify like lack of toilets, changing rooms etc at trackside are frustrating, but please give me a break. These areas are out of our control. Yes, we do make representation about shortcomings, and yes, we do get listened to.

Then we just have to wait and hope something gets done.

We all want a good facility for the town and its aspiring athletes, we just need someone to make that possible.

The track is a school facility owned and operated by East Sussex County Council, through William Parker Sports College.

We pay a great deal of money to use the track 52 weeks a year.

Maybe you could have a moan at them instead.



Hastings Athletic Club