We are going to need more police

I must admit I admire Chief Constable Giles York’s confidence (Observer, March 13) when he suggests that job losses within the Sussex police force will not affect the service we as citizens rely on.

Unfortunately, with rising crime in the UK contrary to Government ‘massaged’ figures, we are going to need all the police personnel we can muster.

So many crimes have now been classed as none crimes, crime numbers manipulated to meet ‘targets’ and other underhanded techniques to try to lull the public into a false sense of security just do not wash anymore, and we see from the ever shorter sentences or no sentence at all, that the deterrent values in punishment are farcical.

Let us hope that instead of this, the next and previous Governments throwing money at other countries like there is no tomorrow does not come back to bite us in the backside.

Derek Stocker

Duke Street