‘Water firms charge whatever they like’

IN last week’s Observer, Mr Roberts wrote regarding Southern Water and I must agree with him.

Water utilities are not like any other utility, it is purely a post code lottery.

There’s no competition from other water companies and so each can charge what they like.

But it is us the poor customer that must suffer. Southern Water should not be allowed get away with charging us the highest increase in water rates in the country, just so the big fat cats can take their bonuses and the shareholders can get their bit.

Personally I would jump at the opportunity of buying shares but that is way beyond us poor workers who have had to tighten our belts even further.

Furthermore Southern Water’s post-tax profits were £129 million in 2009/10 but it is also the worst water company for leaks, some 20 per cent at the last count, I believe.

Some £129 million could have been used to reduce this significantly.

For that money Southern Water could have probably replaced the entire mains system in Hastings and St Leonards.

So why has Southern Water got to increase its charges by so much it beats me when inflation is only running at about three per cent.

The trouble is that we live in a world that is discourteous, planet destroying and, most of all, greedy.


Battle Road

St Leonards