Warning to Amber over toeing EU line

PRIOR to this week’s Commons vote on an EU referendum, I wrote to Hastings MP Amber Rudd asking her to support the motion.

She replied that she would ‘listen to the debate’ and vote accordingly.

In the event, of course, she voted against. Eighty of her back-bench colleagues had the guts to defy the party whip and voted to give the public a say on this crucial issue, but Amber toed the party line.

With Cameron looking to promote more women MPs, this act of supine obedience will doubtless be appreciated in the whips’ office. But, in 2015, Amber has to face her own electors again.

At the next election, I am going to follow her example. I shall listen assiduously to the candidates’ arguments, read all their campaign literature, closely follow the debate... and then vote UKIP.


Croft Road