Walkers urged not to take risk

I WRITE on behalf of the Friends of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve with reference to your article ‘Country Park Glen closed following Series of Landslips’.

Those who have been to the area and seen the devastation, even from a safe distance, will know what a tragedy this is for a much-loved and much-visited corner of the country park.

We have received an unprecedented number of emails from members of the public who are clearly very upset that this has occurred. Your article rightly says that the landslips have happened as a result of this winter’s very heavy rainfall; but many of those who have been in touch with us feel there may be other, significant contributing factors. For their sake, and for the sake of clarity, I imagine that Hastings Borough Council will wish to commission an independent report into the causes of the problem.

The rangers, who work so hard already to look after the country park, have put a great deal of effort into making the area safe and putting up signage to indicate alternative routes.

The Friends are as frustrated as anyone not to be able to visit this beautiful part of Ecclesbourne Glen, but we would urge walkers not to put themselves and rangers at risk by entering areas which remain unstable.



Friends of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve