Wait for pier fire justice goes on

Where were you when Eastbourne Pier was found to be alight? Me, I was at St Leonards Post Office, sending Mediation Support Ltd accounts to Companies House. Sadly this was another year with a bad debt carried over from Hastings Pier’s non-payment for my company writing a grievance policy and undertaking mediation work.

As a “Community Development worker specialising in pier fires”, it is an occupational hazard.

“We Need To Act If We Want Justice” was the brilliant title you gave to my first letter in your paper; three years on the “Hastings Pier Fire Justice Fiasco” has not yet been turned around by a Community Justice -eg Truth & Reconciliation response. My attempt, via Amber Rudd MP, to secure immunity from prosecution for those who engage in a Community Mediation about the Pier Fire, acknowledging the ‘victims’ and responding to their stories, needs fresh impetus. Eastbourne Pier Fire may be part of this gear change; with each town influencing the other.

Friday August 1 also saw the Prime Minister visiting Eastbourne Pier and announcing £2 million pounds emergency funding to those whose businesses (unlike the businesses on Hastings Pier) have lost money as a result of the fire.

Some understand the importance of a pier to a town that cares. One temporarily disheartening response to a BBC News article “What Happens after Pier Fires?” I circulated was from someone aged 23, who responded “Who gives a s**t?”

Yours determined as ever to show that we, in Hastings & St Leonards can do better at addressing our suspected case of pier arson.

Paul Crosland

Mediation Support Ltd

1-2 Stainsby St

St Leonards