Voters in Hastings favoured Labour candidate

IN reporting the outcome of the Police and Crime Commissioner election in last week’s edition, you neglected to mention the result in Hastings which must surely be of interest to your readers.

Votes were counted separately in each local council area and then aggregated to get the final result. These were published on Brighton and Hove council’s website.

In Hastings, Labour’s Godfrey Daniel won 46.2 per cent of first preference votes and 67 per cent when the second preferences of the eliminated candidates were added in.

As only 16.17 per cent of voters turned out to vote, any extrapolations from this to other elections is difficult to justify. However it is clear that those who did vote in Hastings had no doubt that Godfrey would be the best person for the job. Godfrey also won Crawley and Brighton.

This was an election that only David Cameron wanted and we will look forward to seeing whether over the next four years Katy Bourne and the other PCCs manage to justify the £100 million it cost.


Winchelsea Road