Vote for people who really want to give something to our town

CLLR Chowney’s letter in the Observer (September 7) implies that plumbers in Hastings are responsible for the pollution that is occurring.

During the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s one was not allowed to connect waste water or sewage pipes until one had had a visit from a building inspector. Is he telling us that this practice has now ceased?

If so should he be in a position that he currently holds in council?

Another of our illustrious councillors is pushing for increased office space. With so much unused in this town what is he doing holding office?

The immediate problem is to promote a manufacturing industry and to do this we have to look at the infrastructure surrounding us.

We badly need the A21 upgrading allowing easy access to London and the North so that we can encourage business into the area.

This will bring greater employment than more offices who employ only the odd few. Obviously this then raises the question as to whether the A259 really does need upgrading. The current plans suggest that Hastings will be bypassed as an area which will provide a manufacturing industry. Battle and Bexhill will more surely reap the rewards, as transport will not need to come into Hastings at all.

Finally one councillor is standing for the position of Commissioner of Police, yes he has had some success in his current roles, but there have been some very expensive failures as well. Is it wise to vote in his favour, or is it better to get real value for money by voting for one of the other candidates?

Is it now time to look at alternatives to our sitting councillors and vote for people who really want to give something to our town?


Old Roar Road

St Leonards