Vitriolic comments were over the top

THE letter from a former resident who now lives in Australia (Observer, January 7) filled me with dismay.

Her vitriolic comments about this town really are over the top.

I have lived here now for nearly five years and have found shopkeepers among the most friendly I have ever encountered.

As for residents walking around with discontent on their faces - what’s that all about? Disgusting food?

Can’t agree with that either. Youths fighting in the street? Well hello - show me a town that doesn’t have youths grappling in the streets.

This lady needs to stay away from Hastings if all she can do is spout out derogatory remarks. We don’t need that. There are some issues here that need addressing but these negative comments are not an accurate reflection of what our town is all about.

The real problem I perceive here is the appalling planning applications that are rushed through and which will ultimately destroy Hastings’ heritage - historic buildings bulldozed to make way for ugly developments - woodlands and wildlife decimated.

This is what is really wrong in Hastings and it needs rectifying before it is too late.


Whittlewood Close

St Leonards