Virgin Care move is extremely worrying

I READ with great interest your report ‘Privatisation by back door’ (Observer, June 15), concerning the future provision of physiotherapy services at the Conquest Hospital.

It seems these important services are to be taken over by Virgin Care and I find this very worrying indeed.

Having seen at close quarters examples of the utterly abysmal service and customer care provided by Virgin Trains and Virgin Media, I came to the conclusion long ago that I personally would avoid any dealings whatsoever with any Virgin business.

Before reading your article I was not aware of the existence of Virgin Care. I can only say that I fear the worst with regard to Virgin providing any health service, as it has been very obvious from what I have seen that Virgin really does not care at all and it is just too huge an organisation to argue with.

In the same edition of the Observer, I notice the battle is on again to fight off plans that would endanger lives with possible changes to maternity services. Just as back in 2008, only this time with threats to stroke care, major surgery and paediatrics.

I am delighted to see the Observer once again pledging support to Margaret Williams and the Hands off the Conquest campaigners.

I sincerely hope that this time our local politicians will be more genuinely supportive of the campaign and a whole lot less inclined towards the short-sighted spinelessness shown in 2008.


former Independent councillor for Silverhill

Paddock Road

St Leonards