Vexed problem of pavement nuisance

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I READ with interest the letter from your correspondent Mr Paul Bowie of St Leonards, containing his thesis that those dog walkers who allow their pets to foul the pavements should be imprisoned.

I had occasion one Sunday last summer to exercise a friend’s dog. The mutt and I strolled along the sea front together, enjoying the sunshine and sea air. No doubt you can imagine my embarrassment when the hound answered the call of nature close to the entrance to our beloved pier.

Not only were there a number of passers-by (including women and children) who witnessed the foul deed but the dog committed her offence close to a bench, upon which two ladies of a certain age were resting, who viewed the proceedings with mounting horror.

Fortunately, I had with me a number of small, but robust, plastic bags which I carry about my person for precisely this sort of emergency. Fortunately, too, the dog’s diet is such that, although not pleasant, the task of clearing up after her was straightforward and left no trace of the canine’s indiscretion.

As I removed the “pavement cigar” from the tarmac and disposed of it and the bag (it doesn’t do to use them more than once) in the bin provided for the purpose, I heard one of the ladies on the bench say to her companion: “I wish more people would do that.” to which the only reply available to me was “Thank you, madam, but I “went” before leaving the house.”

If only the dog – and particularly those which have upset Mr Bowie so much – had done so.


St Helen’s Park Road