Van man came to my rescue

LAST Monday night (March 11) I travelled from Battle to Hastings starting out at 4.30pm in the snow, I started out by travelling through Battle high street but was told to turn round as there had been an accident.

So I made my way back to the A21 - big mistake - I got as far as Blackbrooks then I sat in my car for nearly two hours not going anywhere. Eventually I gave up the car because stupidly I had used up the battery and it would not go.

I wish to thank the man in the white van behind me for helping me push my car to the side of the road, the woman in the black car in front for asking me if I needed a lift into Hastings and the group from further back in the traffic jam, who not only helped to push my purple Rover convertible to the side of the road, but also offered to take me into Hastings and offered of a pair of gloves.

A big thank you to my saviours. I decided to walk along with my colleague. I left my car at the side of the road near to Sedlescombe Golf course,

Having walked for about an hour, I saw two very big lorries parked on the hill going down, stuck, with no traffic in front of them. Why didn’t they let the drivers behind know?

It did get a bit dangerous getting to Claremont School but eventually I got to Bohemia Road, four-and-half hours after I had started out.

My husband drove from Hastings to Rugby and had no problems.

East Sussex County Council, you knew that the snow was coming on Monday. Why didn’t the main roads to London get gritted prior to the event and not after? Kent and Surrey roads were perfectly fine.

Why are we the only country in Europe that can’t cope with one day’s snow?


Salisbury Road

St Leonards