Utopian road vision is mere delusion

I APPLAUD the comments made by D.Wooler (27/07/12) and the letter written by Nick Bingham in the Observer recently.

Apparently we will be living in Utopia when the link road and houses are built. We are deluding ourselves. The councils want the link road to allow for housing. Some London councils, notably Croydon, have already applied to move some of their overspill residents down to Hastings and Bexhill. There will be no appreciable difference in road congestion because of the incinerator and other waste facilities which might be built at the Pebsham site.

The government has granted £75 million to have the Gatwick/Brighton A23 upgraded from two to three lanes. Unless the main roads to Bexhill and Hastings are improved, no firms will want to move their business to our area.

No one has taken into consideration the effect on our services that increasing the population would have. The Coombe Valley is the ‘green lung’ for our area. To lose it would have a negative effect on us regarding air pollution. I appeal to the residents in Hastings and Bexhill who will be affected by this link road to stand up and be counted.


Top Cross Road