Use your loaf: don’t feed birds on bread

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AT 6.25am, while driving past, I have often seen two kindly-looking ladies clutching a pillow-case sized plastic bag, filled with bread scraps, walking down the pathway towards Shornden Reservior in the park.

One assumes they feed wildlife like birds and swans.

The RSPB is constantly telling us this is very harmful as the birds and small ducklings eat the bread, filling themselves up and not eating grubs, seed, worms and grass which help them grow in a natural way.

In fact ducklings have been found to have deformed wings, subject to this unnatural feeding and are unable to escape foxes or move to different terrirory.

Please on no account feed birds and fowl on bread – seeds, worms and grubs are most welcome to them. Please safeguard our natural heritage.


Beaufort Road

St Leonards