Untimely change of heart from leader

I WAS quite frankly amazed to read in your article about the possibility of extending the miniature railway (Observer, December 9) a quote from the leader of the council saying ‘A transport link to bring people from Old Town to St Leonards and beyond is a good idea’ and that Councillor Birch ‘welcomed any move to bring a transport link along the seafront’.

This represents a significant change of heart on the part of the council leader.

It is now more than two years since I submitted a motion to council, calling for a sustainable form of transport along our seafront. I said that this could transform the White Rock/Pier area, Burtons’ St Leonards and West St Leonards in general.

The Labour reaction was to say that we already had a cycle lane and that was quite sufficient. They went on to vote down the motion together with some Conservative support.

While I welcome Cllr Birch’s u-turn on this, it is such a shame that he was not so supportive at a time when Hastings was receiving millions of pounds by way of regeneration money. A missed opportunity, I fear.