Unstinting care

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I WOULD like to add my name to the many glowing comments printed in your paper regarding the care, attention and friendliness of the nurses and auzilliaries at the Conquest Hospital.

I am an elderly, somewhat disabled lady, who has on three occasions had to be admitted.

On each occasion, the very stretched staff were unstinting in their care and help. I also think that their meals are very good and prepared keeping the comfort of the patientin mind.

I must add that all of us, staff included, feel very strongly about moving the stroke unit to Eastbourne.

As time is of the essence in these cases, there can be no sensible reason for this move, since the results could be an even greater strain on the finances of the NHS.

Hospitals are there for many different problems and the Conquest being comparitively new would have all these facilities. If such a move takes place, what next?


High Beech Close,

St Leonards