Unspoilt area? Pull the other one, protesters

I AM amazed at the volume of negative opinion concerning the link road. Surely one of the few justifiable comments concerning the proposed link road should be ‘too little but not too late’.

The crux of the protesters’ arguments against the scheme was that the new road will damage an unspoilt area of outstanding natural beauty.

The anti-link road campaigners are delusionary if they believe that the area is currently unspoilt. The Combe Haven Valley is dominated by the ever spreading Pebsham Landfill Site which has now almost reached Crowhurst.

The landfill site is draining into the valley as evidenced by the highly coloured, pungent smelling streams and rivers which criss-cross the area.

This pollution is a far greater threat to the ecology of the valley than the well planned link road project. In the absence of the Hastings by-pass and much needed improvements to the A21, both projects long overdue, the commercial benefit of the link road could be small but still significant.

At least it may bring some relief to the residents of the Bexhill Road area who continue to choke on unacceptably high levels of pollution while living in the middle of a near permanent traffic jam. Should an incident block the A259 east of Bexhill to Hastings the south of the county is virtually split in two unless those brave enough can navigate their way through a maze of narrow pot-holed country back roads in order to travel the few miles from Bexhill to Hastings.

The fact that this situation has been tolerated for so long when alternatives are available simply beggars belief.


Quarry Hill

St Leonards