Unfair who would be penalised

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I AM writing in response to a recent letter in the Observer about the bedroom tax.

The writer of said letter ended by asking “what am I missing?” So I would like the opportunity to point out a few missing facts.

A spare room is surely something that is not needed.

Yet, for the majority of those penalised, it is needed.

A couple with two children of the same gender still need a three-bedroomed home.

How can it be justifiable that a three-year-old boy should share a bedroom with his 14-year-old teenage brother to create a ‘spare room’ that should then be offered to a stranger to make ends meet? Who, in their right mind, would invite a stranger into a home with children?

Couples who sleep apart because of illness or disability are being told that their bedroom is actually ‘spare’.

Parents who are divorced and have had shared custody for years are suddenly told that the rooms that their children sleep in are now ‘spare’ and have to choose between going without essentials or give up seeing their children.

Disabled people who may need the extra room for a carer, equipment, a partner, etc, are now being told that its ‘spare’.

A couple who have worked hard all their lives and are going through economic difficulties, who have paid enough rent to buy the property and may care for grandchildren/family members whilst their sons and daughters work are being told its ‘spare’.

Seventy organisations that have experience of every single aspect of life in Britain have pointed out that the coalition government have not taken into account the impacts of these changes on huge sections of the public.

All of their recommendations have fallen on deaf ears.

An impact assessment study by the DWP and Chartered Institute of Housing revealed that a significant shortfall of one bed-roomed properties nationally means that 600,000 homes are required but only 360,000 exist.

So, nearly a quarter of a million people will be penalised even though they have nowhere to go.


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