Ugh! Plans resemble the Ugly Sisters . . .

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AT last we can study the alleged improvements made to Gladedale’s plans for the Archery Ground, despite the fact that these details have been unavailable to the public for over a week.

Cinderella must be the pantomime of choice for the developers of this important site.

The two ugly sisters of lumpen architecture and insensitive landscaping remain, no matter how much their designers try to doll them up – while poor Cinders, the spirit of the place, is banned from the ball of decent and imaginative modern design.

Nevertheless, we can rejoice that the new Heritage Impact Assessment refers to Burtons’ St Leonards as an area of ‘national importance’.

This report further lists what should be done to comply with good conservation practice, but fails to demonstrate that this has, in fact, been done with the overall plan.

It outlines some history, but fails to give recognition to the historical significance of the very site – the Archery Ground – itself.

The new plans will continue to ghettoize some residents into cramped, ill-lit, awkwardly accessed blocks.

The massing and scale of some of the housing blocks will overwhelm existing historic buildings, including the work of nationally significant architects, Decimus Burton and Norman Shaw.

So despite the persuasive, but ultimately disingenuous covering letter from Indigo Planning, the misleading Design and Access Statement and all the effort of a renewed application, all we can say is that the two ugly sisters simply will not do.


Upper Maze Hill

St Leonards