Two piers, two different days

From: Aisha Lowry, St Margaret’s Road, St Leonards

I must say at the outset that I am a great believer in public ownership. Recent events have caused me to think more deeply about this.

Recently I accompanied my son and his colleagues from Bexhill College Skills for Life photography group on two trips to take photographs, on firstly Hastings Pier and then on Eastbourne Pier.

Both days were very similar in that the weather was very inclement. It absolutely bucketed down with rain on each day.

On Hastings Pier there was nothing to do and really nowhere to go. We did manage to eat packed lunches in the Birch Room and have a quick cup of tea in the cafe but after that everyone opted to go back to college.

The day at Eastbourne was just as wet but in that pier there was so much more on offer.

We all went to the Victorian tea rooms where we had very reasonably priced cream teas and lots of photographs were taken of the gold lions and teapots and spectacular golden chandeliers.

The gold domes and decorations are thought by some to be gaudy but it is the seaside and on a dreary day they cheer everything up.

There were lots of very elderly people there enjoying a day out in spite of the wet, whereas Hastings Pier was deserted.

Eastbourne Pier also had several shops and there were amusements but tastefully tucked away in a building. We managed a full day there and although we did get very wet we had a good time. I only hope the same can be done for Hastings and that its long term future can be secured.