TV issue signals a problem for area

CAN anyone tell me why is ITV’s digital television signal is unreliable or unobtainable from the East Sussex transmitter when the BBC’s signal is first class?

There is a great deal of pro-change publicity out there about the changeover but for those who have already changed over, the ITV channels are often unwatchable. Do the advertisers know this?

Friends living in central St Leonards, White Rock and Blacklands all report that channels three, four and five (plus 15) are subject to picture freezing, picture break-up and, sometimes, total picture and sound loss, the TV screen shows a ‘No Video’ message.

Explanations offered so far have included ‘hot weather’, ‘sun spot activity’, ‘unready technology’ and, ‘who knows, perhaps passing UFOs?’.

Can anyone please tell me (and my friends) why the BBC manage to entertain us but ITV cannot.

It cannot be our receivers (all different makes) or our aerials (all relatively new UHF units professionally installed) Please, someone, put us out of our misery.


Boscobel Road

St Leonards