Tribute to superb care home staff

AT a time when the media is full of negative stories about carers and care homes, I feel it is time to speak up and praise the many unsung heroes and heroines who are doing an excellent job in looking after our growing population of the old and frail.

My mother, Eileen (Molly) Hodd died recently after nearly three years in Bethune Court Care Home in St Leonards.

Mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, and in the last six months suffered a long, slow decline that was distressing to see. Bedridden, she required a great deal of care to keep her clean, comfortable and contented.

Day after day, night after night, the carers were there with her doing that hard job and providing her with those words of kindness that made all the difference.

As one lady said to me, “It’s what I would do for my own mother.” We couldn’t ask for better than that.

Carers are there for us, doing a job that we can’t, or sometimes don’t want to do.

Many are working hard in a very demanding situation that offers scant financial rewards and often more abuse than praise.

There will, of course, always be a few who do not attain the high standards we require for our elderly, but I am sure that they are a small minority.

The vast majority of carers deserve our heartfelt thanks and much greater recognition of the quality of their care, kindness and immense patience in accompanying our elderly to the end of their days.


Rue Bernard Palissy

Sèvres, France