Transport situation keeps getting worse

OH how I agree with the letter from Jeremy and Rosemary Goring (Observer, July 15) that public transport in St Leonards is a no-go area.

In those halcyon days of about two years ago the residents of St Leonards had two bus services to St Leonards every hour, to and from the town centre, but evidently some sadists at East Sussex County Council (who partially subsidise the service) and Stagecoach which operates it, decided that this was all too nice for us, so they discontinued them, and instead gave us just one service an hour, the number 23.

But worse, these same sadists decided to discontinue the number 23 service to the Conquest Hospital, so that people in the St Leonards area, who have regular appointments there, many of them elderly, such as my husband, who is 74, disabled, and can only walk a few steps, now have to catch a number 23 bus, then wait at the appropriate bus stop for a No 26, to take them to the hospital.

And, talking of the No 26, there are three of those an hour to and from the town centre. And the powers-that-be are apparently so enamoured of this service that they’re even putting an extra one on Sundays - a 26 and 26A.

Of course the No 23 in the evenings and at weekends is non-existent. And quite recently they did another hatchet job on it.

The last No 23 service from the town centre on a Saturday used to be 4.05pm. They’ve cut that out and now the last service from the town to St Leonards is at 1.59pm. And it’s constantly rumoured that this service is to be discontinued altogether.

If this is so, I will personally go to the Houses of Parliament and take this case up with the Minister for Transport.

Also, this hourly service is consistently late or sometimes does not even turn up at all.

I have continually complained about it.

The reason this bus is always late is that, and the drivers have told me this time and time again, is that they are not given enough journey time in which to complete the No 23 route.

The bus services are included in our council tax, and we, in the St Leonards area pay just as much as the residents of this town who get an efficient bus service, so why should we be so deprived?

At present the No 23 service remains the Cinderella service of Hastings - and I mean Cinderella before she went to the ball.


West Hill Road

St Leonards