Traffic woes

I WRITE in very strong support of Anthony Kenward (Letters, November 23), who asks how the roads at the Hastings end of the proposed new link road are going to cope with the extra traffic generated. His question surely also applies to the Bexhill end.

All that new roads do is move bottlenecks to a different place, and that place will be The Ridge. As Mr Kenward says, the road is already very intensively used, passes the Conquest Hospital and several schools; at the end of each schoolday the traffic is already brought to a standstill for half an hour, and additional vehicles will present a real safety hazard at such times.

The Ridge also incorporates the grotesque junction with the A21 where, at almost any time of day, long delays occur if you try to join the main road to London. Is anyone able to say what, if anything, is going to be done to address these issues?


Hamilton Gardens