Traffic problems near academy

I WOULD like to ask the question with the closure of The Grove and the influx of children attending the St Leonards Academy did anyone consider the amount of cars arriving to pick up and drop off their children between 8.30/9am and 2.45/3.30pm in the surrounding areas?

As a resident of Edinburgh Road I am inconvenienced on a daily basis by many parents parking on double yellow lines and in the controlled zones near to the entrance of the school blocking through traffic into Edinburgh Road and double parking across residents driveways.

Where are the Community Support Officers when you need them. Some parents are rude and have absolutely no consideration for others. Why not use their legs and park further away instead of joining the chaos?

Surely when drawing up the plans for the extension to the academy someone on the panel of experts raised the question regarding access for parents as part of a risk assessment. Why is it the residents always suffer due to someone’s bad planning?


Edinburgh Road

St Leonards