Traffic problem being ignored

DENIS Langley (Observer, March 28) is right to point out that the building of the Link Road, together with the 2,000-plus housing development accompanying it, is going to cause very serious traffic congestion along The Ridge.

Unfortunately, our council planners seem to have missed this blindingly obvious scenario by continuing to include massive housing developments in The Ridge area in the proposed local Development Management Plan (2011-2028). Examples of this are Holmhurst St Mary (165 homes), Harrow Lane Playing Fields (140 homes) and Land Adjacent to 777 The Ridge (10 - behind the post office) all squashed together between the top of Harrow Lane and the Conquest.

The worst of these is the Harrow Lane Playing Fields, the only large open space amenity in the Baldslow area where adults and kids can run around, play informal games of football, cricket etc, fly kites, or whatever, in safety. The planners argue that these playing fields are ‘surplus to open space provision’ because formal football matches don’t happen there anymore. But they might do in future, and there are people who come in numbers to play informal matches.

We have the usual weasel words ‘traffic impact assessments’ about proposed developments along The Ridge, but such ‘assessments’ usually end up giving the green light to developers. I just hope councillors will prove me wrong and vote against these developments in The Ridge area - which are problematic for all sorts of reasons, not least the traffic ones.

Anyone interested in objecting to these developments have until April 22 to make their views known via the Hastings Borough Council (HBC) website online consultation form.


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