Traffic island ‘beggars belief’

AFTER speaking to many local people I have to write to ask who on Earth dreamt up and commissioned the installation of a traffic island at the bottom of Fairlight Road, junction with the A259 in Ore village.

The positioning of it, right next to a bus stop beggars belief. Once a bus has pulled in to collect his passengers the view for pedestrians and drivers alike is effectively blocked.

Assuming a vehicle can squeeze through between the bus and the island it is only a matter of time before a serious incident occurs. I use the word incident as an accident is generally avoidable, and removing this ridiculous island would do just that, avoid an accident.

I sincerely hope that people will continue to use the pelican crossing which is just 10 yards away, far safer for all concerned.

As for the cost of these works, would the money have not been better spent on the atrocious stretch of road outside the new multi thousands of pounds worth of new academy?

As for the heavy goods drivers that have to use and negotiate that junction, give them some consideration. Remember, they are a service just like anyone else and if you don’t get your delivery you are not happy.

They have to use these smaller side roads to get to your house. Builders merchants, express delivery vehicles, (how many of you buy goods of the internet?), believe me, they are just as frustrated as you and I.

Finally, there is not one person I have spoken to that can see the sense in installing this crossing. The general consensus is its total madness and a waste of money and resources. Local council, you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Old London Road