Traffic at Rock-a-Nore

WITH the opening of the much awaited Jerwood gallery in a few months perhaps it is time for the East Sussex County Council highway department to try and improve the traffic conditions at Rock-a-Nore Road.

For many weekends during the summer, traffic is at a standstill, belching out pollution while the road is blocked by vehicles waiting to enter the A259 at the signal controlled junction and others are unable to reach the car park.

When the promised 150,000 visitors each year descend on the Jerwood Gallery with a good proportion travelling by car, conditions in the road can only get worse. With double yellow lines failing to prevent the parking of vehicles causing the road to become blocked and exceptionally long waiting times at the traffic signals, visitors to the art gallery won’t want to sit in a seaside traffic jam.

As a resident I expect the highways department to come up with a traffic solution for Rock-a-Nore Road that will ensure the traffic moves and does not visually and environmentally destroy what was once a pleasant seaside town.

I trust it will realise that the problems have only occurred since the junction was ‘improved’ with traffic control to meet the needs of the new Jerwood Gallery.

Highway planners chose to ignore a ‘shared space,’ ‘living streets’ approach and as a result parked vehicles and queuing cars dominate the streetscape where visitors on foot should be allowed to walk in comfort.


Lower Park Road