Traders need parking support

REGARDING the residents only parking proposal in the St Leonards area I am as equally concerned as the shopkeepers.

I have barely lived here for 18 months but in that time I have become very conscious of the fragility for traders and house owners alike.

Since the recession it is heartening to see many signs of recovery with new shops opening, property being done up and people from London investing here in larger conversions and so on.

Although now retired I have been a sole trader elsewhere, own a flat in Norman Road, and live in St Leonards otherwise so can see all sides of this situation.

If shopkeepers cannot be allowed as much reasonable encouragement as possible the area could so easily decline again. Surely home owners needing parking also need to think of the value of their properties too. Property value is all tied in with area improvement obviously looking ahead after the by-pass is finished who knows how things will be?

People must not be put off coming to St Leonards; quite the opposite and hopefully the effect of the bypass and even Hastings improvements (eg the pier) will generally help everybody and make local authority income better in other ways instead.


Church Wood Way

St Leonards