Town will rally to support pier

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: M Graves, Ore Place, Hastings

Many people are delighted that the ugly mass of burnt and decaying metal was removed, and that we now have a modern, classy pier which won the award of Pier of the Year 2017.

All ventures encounter problems – hopefully these will be resolved, as the people of Hastings love their pier and will rally around to help it face its financial difficulties in the same way they helped rebuild it. The money was awarded by the National Lottery for the refurbishment of the destroyed pier solely – and not for any other developments. More money was invested by supporters like myself. I am proud to be a shareholder of this magnificent achievement.

During its short life, the pier has been the scene of well-attended events such as open-air cinema, concerts, beer festivals, pirate day, Punch and Judy shows, and entertainment of all sorts for children and adults.

Walking to the end of the structure and admiring the beautiful views over Beachy Head and the town is a relaxing and enjoyable experience well worth the expenditure and the work spent on the pier – even without taking into account the attractions and events offered.

Some people objected to the Jerwood Foundation opening an art gallery at the Stade. They wanted to keep a horrible lorry park and ancient, ugly public conveniences instead. The gallery is well-attended and attracts large numbers of visitors. Its restaurant on the first floor is always full on the many occasions I visit it. The venture is a complete success. It brings prosperity to the town, and it has created jobs.

I sincerely hope we can have a marina – well-planned and respecting the environment. At the moment, the area in question – a cramped boat park and shabby car park – is not exactly the sort of things tourists want to see.