Town should be famous for more than just the battle

SURELY Hastings will always be connected with the famous battle no matter what we say or do but it is sad that that is the case when it should be famous for all the quirky and interesting things that happen here.

There are so many including Jack-in-the Green, Bonfire Society, Seafood and Wine Festival, Hastings Week, Coastal Currents, Beer Festival with the wonderful Proms night at the start and so on.

The one event that was so sadly not covered even around Sussex was the Pirate Day. It was a wonderful day and the Old Town was abuzz with both pirates and tourists and there was not even a mention on the local news. How disappointing.

I was also sorry to see that even when we are trying to look at the good things about Hastings people can still only include their moans. Yes, we know what the problems are but that is not the object of the exercise here, surely?


Mount Pleasant Road