Town blighted by parking restrictions

More parking situations are being lost to the Hastings motorist.

I would have thought that HBC and ESCC had already inflicted sufficient damage on our town without more parking restrictions?

Having driven away so many visitors to our town with lunatic parking schemes they now come up with 30 metre no parking areas all over the town.

May I remind Cllr Phil Scott and ESCC that we motorists too have rights paying over £2,000 per year in additional taxes, fuel, road tax, insurance and insurance taxes to use the roads they are clogging up.

Not only visitors being driven away but, try being disabled with mobility problems and wish to attend functions in the town such as Alexandra Park. Just where can one park? Of course, we don’t, we have to stay away.

So please HBC and ESCC consider everyone, in particular the motorists who outnumber the bus users by about 300 to 1. Accept your folly of the past and get rid of all these lunatic waste schemes. Let our town breath.

Should you be so concerned over the environment, stop allowing all these road works all at once all over the town causing absolute chaos and ensure they phase the work restricting the volume of traffic jams and heaven only knows how much pollution.

I am sure I am not alone in witnessing the high number of road works with no one working on them for weeks on end.

Sorry Phil but we the public will only see your current actions as further unnecessary waste during a time of cut backs with attempts to raise more of your budgets from an already burdened Hastings residents.

More road works to delay the buses you allege you wish to speed up, it just does not make sense.


Park Avenue