Too quick to claim credit on unfinished deal

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IT is perhaps a little disingenuous for county councillor Fawthrop to claim that he brokered a deal with fellow county councillors to save Ore Centre from closing (Observer, September 9).

Because things are not yet finalised, no deal has to date been brokered, and in any case, Cllr Fawthrop is by no means the sole arbiter of what may be about to happen.

We need to go back to a vital session between Ore Centre trustees and officers of the county council who visited the centre months ago, believing that the building was run down, past its sell by date, and the best way forward for county - as freeholders - was to close it, sell off the site and gain a capital receipt for their cash-strapped funds.

What followed at that meeting was significant. County council officers saw for themselves a thriving, vibrant community facility operating in a sound, solid building.

It was this revelation, plus the valuable advice and much welcome support from Hastings Voluntary Action which led to an offer from county which is referred to in the Observer article.

It may be that Cllr Fawthrop played a part in what has since transpired, but he should also acknowledge the invaluable role played by others, not least our centre manager whose time and commitment have been exceptional.

Just to re-iterate, as stated above, the deal is not yet done. Ore Centre committee and trustees require answers from the county council to specific questions before they can responsibly take on the ownership of Ore Centre and all that this entails.

Brokering deals can be the work of one person of course, but more often behind the scenes (or sometimes in the forefront) are others whose valuable knowledge, contribution and dedication need to be recognised.

As is often the case, prior to the final signing and sealing, it is best to keep one’s counsel, rather than dive in like Batman and claim sole credit.


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