Tongue-in-cheek call for decency

SOME of your readership were ‘absolutely disgusted’ at the undignified naked bike ride along the seafront.

It was suggested this will kill off tourism, with negative effects on the local economy. Let’s not stop at nude cyclists, though. These cyclists are just the tip of a toxic iceberg.

It’s time for a resurgence of decency in a town that has, I fear, been steadily losing its moral bearings. Once we have dealt with the innocent but offensive nude cyclists it’s time to go after the thousands who flock to this town for the so-called ‘Pirate Day’ a celebration of the worst Caribbean types who rob and murder on the high seas and whose idea of a prank is to make someone walk the plank.

To see innocent children waving cutlasses with depraved bloodlust in their eyes makes one fear for the future of this nation. Then we have the pagan celebration of lustfulness called Jack-in-the-Green where ‘maidens’ with their bosoms pushed up almost to their eyeballs, frolic seductively in front of men dressed as goats and stags.

Let us not forget either, the parade of young teenage girls from neighbouring towns dressed in satin and silks, paraded on ‘floats’ down the High Street during the ‘Carnival’ week. I’d rather not descend to even mention the lurid and salacious themes of the Pram Race, the less said the better.

Last but not least, what about the celebration of arson and religious terrorism that is embodied in the bonfire society’s invitation to similar bands of masked arsonists from other Sussex towns to march intimidatingly through our streets at the end of October? We may never be able to put these genies back in the bottle, but, for decency’s sake, should we not try?


High Street