Tinpot mayor for the future?

Former mayor Maureen Charlesworth
Former mayor Maureen Charlesworth

LABOUR’S idea of doing away with a PA for the mayor, plus the chauffeur and the car, will turn our mayorality into a “tinpot” small one when we are the senior Cinque Port, with 423 years of history and heritage being sidelined.

I know there has got to be cuts but these are drastic as far as I am concerned and will do our lovely town no good at all.

Without a chauffeur (who is also our mace-bearer and guardian of the chain) the mayor, when driving themselves to engagements may not be able to wear the chain, and as speaker of the Cinque Ports this year, the mayor must visit all the Cinque Port towns at least once.

I don’t know what the Lord Warden thinks, but I should think he will be very upset at these proposals, as he is a great traditionalist himself.

Also, if the number plate DYI is not to be used, it must be returned to the Hollingsworth family, as it is only on loan for use on the mayor’s car and if not to be used, they want it back.

The PA has been doing the job for almost 25 years and needs to be able to pass on so many details about protocoal and etiquette that surely somebody must be assigned to learn as much as they can.

The chauffeur, besides being chauffeur, guardian of the chain and mace-bearer, is also responsible for everything to do with the car and holds a special driving licence, after passing a police course taken several years ago, so he can look after both the chain and the mayor if necessary.

For me, having had the wonderfuil honour of being mayor for four years, this is a disastrous step for our town. The publicity given to so many charities, organisations, schools, clubs etc does so much good and talking up our wonderful town can only do good for everyone and help to bring businesses and jobs here.

I always felt the mayor was a kind of ambassador for the town and always tried to live up to these standards.

Please support our mayorality by writing to the leader of the council, your ward councillors and council officers.


Former mayor