Time to look at effect of roads

THE completion of new road between Queensway and the bottom of King Offa Way is in sight and now is the time to look at the possible effects on the roads that lead to and from this bypass.

I can see that measures are in hand in Bexhill to create a major junction at the bottom of King Offa Way.

However westbound traffic coming from the north east of Hastings and beyond will be using The Ridge from Ore to Queensway and traffic from the A21 and Westfield and beyond will join close to the Harrow Inn.

As you know, three schools, two industrial estates, a hospital, a fire station and a crematorium are all located on The Ridge.

The recent floods have demonstrated that governments over the past few decades have not been sufficiently forward-thinking to foresee the consequences of prolonged heavy rain. Admittedly, the current weather is infrequent (to say the least) but government action such as dredging would have alleviated some of the problems.

Similarly, unless actions are taken now to allow free flow of traffic along The Ridge, we are likely to see severe congestion at times, which may be a life or death situation for the occupants of an ambulance or someone trapped in a burning building.

Ideally, there should be no parking along The Ridge. To allow for this, alternative off-Ridge parking places should be provided for homeowners, parents on school runs and churchgoers, and the junction with The Ridge and A21/Westfield Lane needs to be improved.

Are any plans in hand to cater for this?


Pine Avenue