Time to act on residents’ fears

THANK you for your article on p22 of the Observer on June 14 re: the excessive speed of vehicles in Elphinstone Road.

In 2008, when traffic calming measures were being formulated, local residents pressed for the ‘island’ at Elphinstone/Downs Road junction to be converted into a roundabout, suggesting that cones then be placed to ascertain feasibility.

The request was not entertained. Instead ESCC Highways planted a pedestrian refuge between the open roadway junction with St Helen’s Down and the shrub-covered island. A useless and costly contribution which has no effect on traffic calming.

Five years later, we hope that East Sussex County Council will listen to the local residents’ recent fearful experiences as they support the efforts being made by Baird Ward councillors at the public meeting they have arranged for 5pm on Wednesday, July 3, from 5pm at St Barnabas Church (top of Hoads Wood Road).


Elphinstone Road