Ticketed for using other bays

WE have just returned from three weeks touring around Northumbria. In all the car parks we stopped at not once were we expected to pay in a normal bay if all disabled bays were full.

One could imagine our surprise, horror, disgust when, having to park in a normal bay with Blue Badge on display, we were ticketed.

Is Hastings Borough Council against Blue Badge holders? Is it trying to frighten off casual visitors? In Rock-a-Nore car park, apart from seven disabled bays at the east entrance, which are obviously for beach-goers, there are only eight bays with close access to the buildings.

This is a big car park. With only eight disabled bays I call it discriminatory. The council is showing no empathy nor consideration to disabled drivers. What is the point in issuing Blue Badges to people with mobility problems and then expecting them to pay for parking when they do not supply enough disabled bay? Are they squeezing every penny out of us? Why have they got any disabled bays in the first place?

Just think of the revenue increase if they scrapped those eight bays. Are these eight bays just a token number to placate disabled associations? And, what is the difference between parking in an off-street car park in an ordinary bay with a Blue Badge on display, and parking on a double yellow line, which is allowable in the mobility scheme?

I thought I was being considerate using a car park; next time I will park on double yellows, legally and to hell with the traffic jams.


Carlyle Street