Ticket pricing is good value for money

I FOUND your recent article and letters regarding OAP ticket prices at Hastings United FC disappointing, but not because of the price increase or indeed the chairman’s programme notes, but due to the lack of perception of some ‘long-term supporters’ as to what the club is trying to offer the community.

It is strange that so much emphasis is being placed on a nominal increase (which when considered is still in line with inflation?) and yet we have glossed over the fact the club allows all people under the age of 21 in for free. How many other clubs playing this standard of football offer a similar deal?

Should we therefore not be applauding and supporting Hastings United for creating an environment where the younger generation can enjoy an afternoon of highly entertaining football for free or indeed a father and his sons/daughters for as little as £10.

Why not come along to the Pilot Field and enjoy the atmosphere being generated by the younger presence and perhaps encourage others to understand that the longevity of the club is the long-term goal and this is only going to continue by encouraging a new generation of supporters, as well as looking after the existing.

I believe the current pricing reflects fair value for money for all ages in these financially difficult times.


Woodville Road