Thumbs down from former resident

Thankfully, I left Hastings years ago to find a better life.

I have returned from time to time and find I have no regrets about my decision.

Last year I returned with a friend to show her where I spent my early life – I was embarrassed.

The air of discontent is everywhere – no one smiles. In the shops staff can barely look at you.

The poor quality of food and lack of service in the Old Town was embarrassing considering it’s a fishing town. The fish and chips were disgusting. The yobs wandering around looking for trouble was tenable and threatening.

There is litter and graffiti everywhere you look.

Vomit and blood in the station lift was difficult to explain.

In my bed and breakfast in Cornwallis Crescent I witnessed a group of louts fighting. I still have that violent vision in my head. Now I discover the pier has been destroyed.

I’m not surprised. The yobs of Hastings have no respect for people nor property.

Forget the battle of the Mods and Rockers of the 1960s. That was child’s play compared to what you now have to deal with.

I can’t promote Hastings as a place to visit. It’s too violent.