Threat to cars and maybe lives

FORGET the traditional theme park. Treat the wife and kids to a white knuckle ride at the expense only of your tyres and suspension, by strapping them into the car and driving along the A259 in the direction of Rye through Ore from the King’s Head public house, passing the former Hillcrest School.

The endless series of craters and crevices, spread over a 100-metre section of road, and which once started life as a series of simple potholes, will offer a ride that pales in significance to the stomach-churning experience of riding Nemesis or Oblivion at Alton Towers.

This stretch of road seems not to have attracted any attention from those locally or at county council level in a position to rectify this highways abomination. The problem has been left to fester for at least two years, and in all that time I can count only two occasions when the ‘wee folk’ have ventured out late at night and filled the offending tank traps with playdough and sand before patting them down and disappearing before sunlight.

The ongoing works at the former Hillcrest School, with its endless movement of plant and heavy vehicles, have done little to help matters, and in all likelihood have exacerbated the situation.

But, how long before a school child is injured or killed, as drivers weave around these hazards to avoid vehicular damage? On this precise matter I wrote to East Sussex County Council more than a month ago. Response came there none, and yet the claims for compensatioin for damaged vehicles must be pouring in.


Buckswood School