Thought needed over plans

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IN regard to Phil Scott’s comments concerning ‘Yes to GP centre, no to student plan’ (Observer, December 6), the house in Waldegrave Street had its application for change to a home of multiple occupation (HMO) turned down, not because of students but under the council’s own Hastings Local Plan 2004 – Policy H4 (a) which states: “The building can no longer be retained in its entirety for single family housing occupancy in accordance with modern standards”.

This house is a small terraced house with established families either side and can be retained in its entirety as a single-family home.

We are in agreement, students are a most welcome boost to the town, but consideration needs to be given about how and where suitable accommodation can be found to meet the needs of growing student numbers.

Waldegrave Street and the St Andrews area is an established community of families and flats, which in the past has had to deal with difficult situations around HMOs, leading to drug use, anti-social behaviour and upsetting evictions.

The introduction of more HMOs in any already oversubscribed area, is not about students, but retaining accommodation to encourage families to move into what is becoming an improved area to live.



St Andrews Residents Association