This route will be a ‘road to nowhere’

WHAT survey if any has been done on the start/finish of vehicles using the

A259 Hastings/Bexhill road?

I suggest that a big proportion of the light vehicles are going from town centre to town centre. Such vehicles are most unlikely to use the proposed link road.

Big, heavy ‘through’ vehicles (which a traffic engineer tells me are responsible for most of the wear on the roads) on the A259 will be given a choice of doglegs, 1) link road/The Ridge or 2) seafront/The Bourne and Old London Road.

Some of these lorries are coming to Hastings so will use 2) anyway but have we a measure of how many? Route 2) is bad as it uses the seafront; this road is built largely on shingle and is unsuited to heavy traffic, quite apart from the nuisance to visitors.

However The Ridge has many residential premises along its length, there are a fire station and a school on it, it is narrow, it has twists and, most important, there is the Conquest Hospital with its emergency vehicles.

I have often found traffic jams on The Ridge. How much worse will it be for ambulances if big trucks are there as well?

Then there is the environmental impact of the link road. We lose an important ‘lung’ and wildlife habitat if it is built. I hear claims that we shall be able to build houses and business premises and jobs will be created. To me this is bunk.

We could do the same elsewhere without destruction of irreplaceable open land. I am also sure that the cost of making the link road will be at least double the estimates.

The money would be far better spent on improving (‘dualling’) the A21. The link road is a road to nowhere.


Holmesdale Gardens