This is an act of vandalism

Hastings Observer letters
Hastings Observer letters

From: Patricia Stephenson, Whittlewood Close. St. Leonards

How sad to see the irresponsible approach this council applies to our significant artefacts.

The once beautiful statue of King Harold and Edith lies rotting in a state of decay in Grosvenor Gardens. What fool thought it a good idea to place this important sculpture into the open air alongside the seafront?

Why was this important work removed from the Hastings museum? This once beautiful sculpture has lain forgotten and neglected since 1953. An act of vandalism no less.

The remarkable detail applied to this sculpture as shown in Ion Castro’s article in last week’s Observer is hard to reconcile with what remains today.

Is this council not to be entrusted with any of our historic artefacts? What is the fate of the magnificent staircase removed from Bohemia House when the Summerfield’s estate was demolished. It is recorded that the council was entrusted with the safe keeping of this staircase. Where is it now?