This dynamism is just ‘so pre-2008’

I HAD just read about the problems of the Sussex Exchange conference centre in Queensway, St Leonards, and the business park having found just one tenant, when my stomach sank with despair at news that more offices will be built at Priory Square in Havelock Road, written in your columns.

The awful truth is that the planners of these hopelessly grandiose schemes used to operate when there was a river of cash flooding the economy.

It isn’t like that any more. I fully understand that local politicians should strive for a more prosperous Hastings but ‘a dynamic programme to create a bustling new commercial, leisure and education district with 338,000 sq ft of offices and 58,000 sq ft of retail, a multi-screen cinema, multi-storey car park and public squares’ is so pre-2008.

Did anyone involved with the Priory Quarter development ever see what 338,000 sq ft of office space and 58,000 sq ft of retail looks like? They need their heads examined.


Wellington Square