Things are only getting worse

IN the 10 years since Hastings Against War formed to oppose the second Iraq war circumstances have only changed for the worse.

The stated goals of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have not been achieved and people in those countries have suffered terribly. At home our civil rights have been curtailed and Government secrecy is greater than ever.

The Government has embarked on yet another counter-productive sales campaign to get authoritarian regimes to buy our weapons of war.

It plans to spend billions on building a new wave of nuclear weapons which can never be used and to pay for them by cutting public services, health, education and benefits for low-income families and people with disabilities.

Our Government intervenes to support democracy but only when it suits commercial or strategic interests. It remains almost mute about the festering injustices faced by occupied Palestinians, and the calls for democracy by the people of Bahrain.

Hastings Against War will continue to work for non-violent solutions to world problems. We welcome others of like mind to join us.


St Helens Court