Thin end of wedge

In response to the comment in the Observer (January 11) it was said that everybody is entitled to live peacefully without discrimination and harassment.

Does this not include the settled community who get harassed and intimidated when a group of travellers move into an area?

The incidents of increased crime, litter and other anti-social behaviour are well documented all over the country wherever there are gypsy and traveller sites.

The council has just announced more draconian rate rises for certain properties and yet it proposes to finance a travellers’ camp with little or no prospect of getting any payment from the travellers towards its upkeep.

My question is why in an already deprived area does the council want to encourage people who will be a drain on already sparse funds?

If these people were good neighbours nobody would mind, but history shows they are far from that. Although it appears that only two pitches are proposed this will be the thin end of the wedge, there will be more to follow.


St Helens Park Road